Author: Roger Whitson

ACH Executive Council Candidate Platform

 Candidate Statement Given the many controversies surrounding the digital humanities and its relationship with other fields, we need to stop focusing on William Pannapacker’s well-intentioned definition of DH as a “big tent” and start to emphasize the many actual disciplinary and institutional localities where the digital humanities emerges. We need to stop being prescriptive (“who’s […]

Grad Seminar Proposal: Reading and Writing From Page to Screen; or, Thinking and Being from the Humanities to the Posthumanities

Featured Image: Tvrtko Buric, Post human    What difference does it make if we read on ebooks, stone tablets, mass market paperbacks, hyperlinks, code, or illuminated books? Do we change along with our writing tools? This course is an advanced introduction to issues explored in the fields of book history, media studies, and media archaeology. We start […]

Grad Seminar Proposal, Nineteenth-Century Speculative Fiction

Featured Image: Illustration from Samuel Butler’s Erewhon by Ruth Cobb This seminar explores the intersection between the development of science fiction in nineteenth-century British fiction and growing interest in natural and scientific phenomena during the century. We will focus specifically on three of the most important scientific theories of the period: James Hutton and Charles Lyell’s development […]

Quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Jennifer Howard recently wrote an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on “Building a Better University Press.” She mentioned Mark Sample’s recent challenge for a group of scholars to create their own university press. She also quoted from my THATCamp proposal, which was inspired by the challenge: Inspired in part by a Twitter discussion […]

Article on Atlanta Comics Symposium in Technique

Georgia Tech’s college newspaper, Technique, ran an article about the Atlanta Comics Symposium for their April 15th issue. Here’s a little quote from me, on how to teach comics in a writing course: “You’re writing all the time, but then when you present someone with the final comic book, the writing is actually embedded in […]

Fall 2011 Course

Visualizing Nineteenth-Century British Poetry The literature and arts of the nineteenth century were highly engaged in questions of vision and visuality. In this course, students will study poets and artists who contributed to the evolution of British visual culture, from the poetry of the picturesque and the sublime to the poetry of decadence and the […]