Quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Posted by Roger Whitson on June 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Howard recently wrote an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on “Building a Better University Press.” She mentioned Mark Sample’s recent challenge for a group of scholars to create their own university press. She also quoted from my THATCamp proposal, which was inspired by the challenge:

Inspired in part by a Twitter discussion of some of Sample’s ideas, Roger Whitson, a postdoctoral fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has now proposed a session for the upcoming THATCamp at George Mason University. (THATCamp stands for The Technology and Humanities Camp, which operates on a free-wheeling, participant-led unconference model.) This year’s unconference will take place June 3-5—the same time as the AAUP gathering up the road in Baltimore.

On the THATCamp planning blog, Whitson explained what he has in mind.  “I’d like to use the THATCamp spirit (hacking before yacking, collaboration, digital forms of communication) to try to imagine what a digital indie academic press (or UnPress) would look like,” he wrote. “Would it feature articles? Online conferences? Hacking sessions? Multimodal presentations? Could we institute peer-to-peer review? When would we publish?” He said he hoped participants would leave the session with “the beginnings of a plan” for some kind of THATCamp-affiliated indie press.

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