Below is a list of my recent publications. If you would like to see a full list of my scholarship and other professional activities, check out my curriculum vitae (pdf). You may also want to read my research statement. All documents were updated in July 2015.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Shorter Publications/ Reviews

Digital Projects

Work in Progress

  • Anastasia Salter and Roger Whitson. “Comics and the Digital Humanities: An Introduction to Comics as Scholarship.” Special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly. Article-length essay under review.
  • Andrew Burkett and Roger Whitson. “Introduction to Blake and Pedagogy.” Special issue of Romantic Circles. Eds. Andrew Burkett and Roger Whitson. Article-length essay under review.
  • “@autoblake: Between Composition and Computation.” Preparing for the journal Essays in Romanticism. Article-length essay 100% complete.
  • “Bits and Minute Particulars: Blakean Responses to Maker Culture.” William Blake: The Man From the Future. Special Issue of Visual Culture in Britain. Invited Article. Eds. Colin Trodd and Jason Whittaker. Article-length essay in progress.

Honors and Fellowships

  • “Lewis E and Stella G Buchanan Distinguished Scholar Award.” (2015), WSU College of Arts and Sciences Grant. $10,000.
  • “STEM to STEAMpunk: Critical Making as Literary Scholarship.” (2014), New Faculty Internal Seed Grant. $17,330.
  • “Media Literacy Award” (2011), National Council of Teachers in English.
  • “Excellence in Pedagogy Award.” (2010-2011), Georgia Institute of Technology, Literature, Media, and Communication Department.
  • “Excellence in Teaching Award.” (2007), English Department, University of Florida.

Media Coverage and Interviews