Student Projects

I often assign students multimodal projects in addition to written work. My students have shown me just how powerful using new technology can be to the teaching of literature, composition and cultural studies. My students learn how to analyze literature in conjunction with film, multimedia applications, comic books, and documentaries. They are then asked to develop not only written essays, but GoogleMap essays, films, websites, posters, podcasts, skits, and oral presentations.

ENGL 1102: Blake 2.0 – William Blake and Media
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Adapting William Blake

Students were asked to adapt a Blakean character, quote, or idea in a film, poster, skit, or song.

Atlanta: After Blake’s London
Blake Memes
Dare Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry
Reptiles of the Mind



ENGL 1102: Comics and Graphic Novels (Fall 2010)

Create a Graphic Novel

This semester-long project asked students to pitch, write, advertise, illustrate, storyboard, ink, color and produce a 22-page graphic novel.

The Adventures of Captain Victorious Across Time and Space
The Little Siren
Fighting Fate



ENGL 1102: Migration and Adaptation in Nineteenth-Century British and Twentieth-Century Postcolonial Literature (Spring 2010)

Mapping Migration

This project asked students to use pins, videos, and images from a GoogleMap to enhance the visual capabilities of literary criticism.

Maps of Disgrace
Coetzee’s disgrace
Paul Bowles and Professors
The Power of Language through Transnational Migration



Adaptation in Moore and Campbell’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Students researched one of the main characters from Moore and Campbell’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, teasing out postcolonial themes.

Dracula and Postcolonialism
20,000 Leagues of Nemos
Satirizing Imperialism in War of the Worlds
Pacifying Dr. Moreau



Archiving Salman Rushdie

For this project, students researched topics in Emory University’s recently acquired Salman Rushdie Archive and created digital compositions displaying their work.

God is Dead
Celebrities: Role Model or Deity?
The Humanization of the Angel Gibreel
Faith and Pain


ENGL 1101: Disability and Adaptive Technology (Fall 2009)

Disability and the Body

This project asked students to recreate the lived experience of a disability in a skit, a film, or a podcast.

Muscular Dystrophy News Part 1, and Part 2
Prospagnosia Part 1, and Part 2
Cochlear Implant Sonata — Winner of the 2009-2010 Georgia Tech Award for Best Student Writing and Communication Project.


Adaptive Technology and Normality

The third project asked students to research a specific “controversial” adaptive technology and show how its application transforms human experience.

Will Blindness Soon be Obsolete?
Cochlear Unites
How Science is Helping People Help Themselves